Singer details…


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I could destroy one of these… right now.

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the sound of raindrops and the smell of fir branches.

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Typostrate video wednesday 50

The gentleman of letters is about sign painting in Dublin. Dublin has a rich history of hand painted signs decorating the city. Although it is not as common today, the craft still continues. This film shows you a craft that has been rare but some old lettering specialists and typographers enjoy and love this profession. Have fun watching!

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Great little film. A must watch for anyone who’s interested in sign writing and hand lettering.


#adventuremobile photo by @ossipovski! #poler #polerstuff #campvibes @polerportland by polerstuff

MB207(?). Classic.

Amazing clouds over my house this afternoon. Sunshine and thunderstorms.

I just woke up this morning with this song in my head. Haven’t heard it for years… stunning.


Skindiver on a Black Model 2 #womw #wornandwound #wandwshop #horween

Still a favourite. Got to own one… one day.